A Modern Tribute to ABBA (Branson, MO)

By Amee Scarberry (BTG Club Member)

Thank You for the Music - A Modern Tribute to ABBA is now showing at Hamners' Unbelievable Variety Theater.  As a first time visitor, this was my experience.

First, the ladies in the box office are so very precious and helpful. They set the tone that this would be a good experience, and it was!

Our seats were on the front row, and we were pleasantly surprised to be allowed to take pictures AND videos (as long as the flash was off). That was a plus for us! Then we heard the music for Waterloo and the show began.

To be honest, I was expecting sub-par singing at a small tribute show.  Boy was I wrong!!  These 4 individuals (one married couple + another male and female) sang, danced, and entertained their hearts out!

They sang so well together, we actually thought we were seeing the real ABBA!  I loved how it was truly a tribute to the group. They included many fun facts, and took time to interact with the audience as well.

The Real Dancing QueenThe show ends with the 1976 hit song, Dancing Queen. It was during that song, that one of the performers chose my 7 year old to dance with her!

So, if you like ABBA and/or the music of Mama Mia, this is the show to see!

I know that we will see them again. In fact, this same group does a Beach Boys tribute show that I'm sure is equally as fun.  We would have seen that show too, if we were staying longer.  Knowing what quality this show was, makes me want to see all of the shows at Hamners' Unbelievable Variety Theater!

This show welcomes Branson's Tour Guide Club Members at a 50% discount. 

A Modern Tribute to ABBA (Branson, MO)

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