BTG Member Lunch at El Lago

Recently BTG Members had lunch together at El Lago Mexican Restaurant.  Although our numbers were small, it was so fun to get to talk to and learn more about each other.
Of course since it was Taco Tuesday, we "had to" (lol)

celebrate the day by ordering tacos and all the fixin's.  It was so good to put faces to the names that we see on Facebook.
The Minkies (Jim and Sue) are from Wisconsin and we had an interesting conversation about fried cheese curds - yes cheese curds!

To hear them tell it, I have been missing something all of these years.  I can't wait to try it!  After doing a little research, I am even more ready!
We also talked about other cheeses including "the stinky" varieties.  They are delightful folks and I enjoyed my time with them!
It was also fun to get a look into the life of full time RV'rs.  Martin & Karen Smith and (new to the group) Andy & Jan Anderson spend their time traveling the USA.  
They get to pick up and move whenever they want and get to see this beautiful country of ours.  It sounds like a wonderful option.

We talked about things we don't always want to say publicly (online).  We discussed our favorite Branson Shows, the future of Branson's Tour Guide, and all of the savings our members have been enjoying.

The Minkies had the record from this group anyway, they saved more than $250 so far!  The savings has let them do more in Branson and that makes my heart happy!

To me, the BTG Club isn't only about saving money, although it sure helps.  It's about the people and the experiences we all get to share with each other and the memories that we make.

This luncheon was a lot of fun!  While our membership numbers are still low (due to testing and purposefully keeping our growth slow) we don't have a set schedule of times to meet.

However, by all means PLEASE mention when you are in Branson on our Members Only Facebook Page and if at all possible we can still get together.

Thank you all so much!


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