BTG Member Profile (Debbie Garrison)

Debbie Garrison is a Founding Member of Branson's Tour Guide and has been since 2018.  She is very active in the BTG community, always commenting and sharing her love of Branson. 

Debbie is no stranger to shows and live stage productions.  She works as a unionized, professional stagehand in Tulsa, OK.  She dreams of using her talents here in Branson one day - I hope she makes it!

Q:  Where did you grow up?
A:  Born in Tulsa, OK. Grew up in Sperry, OK.

Q:  What year did you first visit Branson?

A:  1968.

Q:  What first attracted you to this place?
A:  Silver Dollar City

Q:  Favorite thing to do while here?
A:  Visit my friends and SDC.

Q:  Branson Personality you would most like to dine with?
A:  Personalities - Terry Wayne Sanders, Danny Branson and Jimmy Osmond

Q:  What is your favorite Branson show?
A:  That's hard to pick a favorite because I have several friends in the biz in Branson. ??

Q:  Do you have a favorite season to be in Branson?
A:  Fall is beautiful in the Ozarks. But with my work schedule, my family and I usually visit in the late spring/early summer.

Q:  What is your favorite meal (and where)?
A:  Steak at Outback (not the chain)

Q:  What is something you miss from Branson's past?
A:  Ray Stevens

Q:  Do you have a favorite thing to take home with you?

A:  Usually something to snack on from SDC. I wish I could take my Branson friends home with me for I could show them things around the Tulsa area.

Q: What is the last fun thing you do before leaving town?
A: See more of my Branson friends! ??

Q:  Is there something that you experience (scent, sound etc.) elsewhere that reminds you of Branson?

A: Not really. I think that is why I miss it so much.

Q:  How do you spend your time when you are away from Branson?

A:  I am a full time mom of 17 year old boy/girl twins who are graduating high school in May 2019, wife of 29 years to my hard working hubby and work part time as a Journeyman Tech 1 Stagehand at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center.

Q:  If you were to tell someone about the BTG Club, what would you say?
A:  If you want some amazing discounts for entertainment and dining in Branson, become a BTG member! You will be glad you did! 
Thank you Debbie for always showing love!

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