BTG Member Profile (Georgia Beck)

It seems only fitting that our first BTG Member Q & A would be with Georgia Haase Beck.  Georgia has been a friend, cheerleader and major supporter of Branson's Tour Guide for many years.

In fact not only is Georgia a Founding Member of BTG, she was the very first person to become a member. 

She always has a smile on her face and joy in her heart!
Q:  What year did you first visit Branson Georgia?
A:  We first visited Branson in 1993.   We stayed in a rustic cabin at Sammy Lane Resort for 10 days.

Q:  What first attracted you to this place?
A:  To be honest I can't remember how we heard about Branson but I am sure we were drawn to the music shows.

Q:  What is your favorite thing to do here?
A:  We wanted to see everything so we tried to be systematic.  We would so up one side then down the other side of a street and check out every store and attraction.  Then went to shows at night.   The car was crammed full by the time we left.  It was so fun!!

Q:  Which "Branson Personality" would you most like to dine with?
A:  Since I have been a Haygood fan all these  years, I guess I would love to dine with Michael Haygood.  He is so talented, creative and such a nice guy....That question is really hard because I really do like many of the Branson Personalities.

Q:  Favorite Show?
A:  Favorite show would have to be The Haygoods.... but I have a group of shows that rank higher than the others.   They include, Hughes, Buckets N Boards, Sons of Britches, George Dyer, Grand Jubilee, The Duttons, Dolly & Friends, The Bretts and  Radney Pennington. I love music so enjoy all the shows.... some just more than others for whatever reason.

Q:  Favorite Meal?
A:  I have never found a problem finding something to eat.... food is my passion.  Love simple food usually carbs so I really enjoy a good chicken fried steak dinner.  But then I enjoy catfish or a good sandwich as well.

Q:  What is something you miss from Branson's past?
A:  Hmmmm... what do I miss......I guess it would be when big names were putting on shows in theaters right near local talent.   Back in those days the shows were mostly sold out so you had to get your tickets months in advance.  The town was thriving and there was always friendly excitement in the air.

Q:  Favorite thing to take back home?
A:  My favorite thing to take home is a Branson t shirt.  When I go on other trips I like to wear them.  They always create friendly conversations.   Once at Disneyland a cast member could hardly do his job because he was asking me about one of the new roller coasters about to open at Silver Dollar City.

Q:  What is the last fun thing you do before leaving town?
A:  If the night is right and Radney Pennington is playing at Cakes N Creams, I love going there to have a great snack and listen to him.  He is a great performer.  If that doesn't work out sometimes we stop at Andy's.

Q:  How do you spend your time when you are away from Branson?
A:  When not in Branson  I just do the normal house wife stuff but always trying to keep up on what is going on or new in Branson.

Thank you Georgia for being AWESOME!

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