Jerry Presley LIVE in Branson - Elvis' Cousin Still Brings It!

In the land of Branson, Elvis is still alive.  At times it seams there are nearly as many Elvis tribute artists as there are fans.  Over the years, I've seen and enjoyed most of them. 

Some ETAs sound like Elvis, but look nothing like him.  Others look a little bit like him, but their vocal talents would be better used elsewhere.  Occasionally the stars align, and someone comes along who brings it all together.

If you're an Elvis enthusiast, you've probably seen Jerry Presley perform here over the years.  Jerry brings something very unique to his shows - blood.  Not only is Jerry a blood cousin of Elvis, he has studied him and payed tribute to Elvis since the days when Elvis still walked the earth.

Once I was visiting Jerry at his theatre, and he showed me a letter from Elvis.  It was in Elvis's handwriting.  It was pretty cool to see.  The connection is real.

The other night I went to see Jerry perform at his theatre, Jerry Presley's God & Country Theatre, which he owns with his wife Joanna.  The first thing that I always notice about his shows is just how BIG they are.

Jerry recreates the setting of historic Elvis concerts and it is fun to watch and be a part of.  The night I was there last, I watched the Madison Square Garden Concert.

Jerry Presley StageJerry was joined by 12 other singers and band members on the stage.  The people he surrounds himself with are no slouches either. 

There is talent from one end of the stage to the other.  I am happy to call many of them friends.

In Jerry's shows, he presents himself in an authentic way.  He's a man who loves the music he performs and wants to pass it on to the generations to come.  

Although he has many of Elvis' mannerisms, his performance doesn't seem forced.  It must be the family connection.

There is a portion of the show where he asked the audience for requests and interacted with us.  He was a gracious host and you could tell he was having a good time. 

Jerry Presley Elvis ConcertThroughout the show he sprinkled in stories and insights of Elvis and his life. 

He did so without distracting the audience from the illusion that we were watching a concert most of us had seen and heard before thanks to TV, the internet and recordings.

I enjoyed my time there and plan to go back to see Jerry Presley perform again soon.  To learn more about this show and others, visit 

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  • Elvis is a distant cousin and I have seen some of his performances on YouTube . He does a great tribute to Elvis. I hope to visit sometime and see his show in person.

    Hargis Gibbs

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