Real People, Having Real Fun and Saving Real Money

"...like a family. It's just a wonderful thing to be a part of."
~ Elizabeth Beavers


"I saved over $400 in Branson as a BTG Club Member! I love the BTG Club!"
~ Sharon O'Kelley

"The membership has actually saved us about $250... I would definitely recommend it."
~ Jim & Sue Minkie


"I wanted to say as a member what a savings we had. We had our first vacation for 8 days in September 15-23. We went to 4 different shows where we bought one ticket and got the second one free.

We also went to quite a few diners and got anywhere from 15-20% off of meals which really added up. We tried the sweet places and got our percentage off at them. We then came back down in October for 3 days also again got 4 tickets but only paid for 2. Same with the meals. We saved money again.

Finally in November we came back for 6 nights went to 5 shows and instead of having to pay for 10 tickets we only paid for 5. Our discount on food was also substantial. I tried totally it all up. With 3 trips we saved well over $575.00.  I know it’s hard to believe but with show tickets and food discounts and the sweet discounts for desserts it sure did. I definitely will want to join again. I’m very happy with the savings for us." ~ Betty Jane Chandler

"...keeps us in touch with Branson when we are home in Texas. On day 3, we've already saved $74."
~ Amee Scarberry & Family

"We ask questions to the other members...what restaurants they like, what shows they like. It's a good sounding board." ~ Dennis Stokes


"The first time we used it we saved money, and it was worth the purchase right away. " ~ Martin and Karen Smith


"When I first heard about the BTG Membership Club I will admit I was a bit skeptical. I was afraid it wouldn't be worth much as I have seen others that sound good but, in fact, are pretty worthless.

Boy was I wrong (and for the record, I do NOT like to admit I am wrong). Not only do you get great discounts on some great shows, yummy restaurants and fun shopping, you also are connected with a group of Branson lovers who can share experiences, savings and even meet and get acquainted.

So far there is a great camaraderie among the members. I have used my membership a few times and feel like it is well worth having. Danny's concept is really working and will get even better as time goes by. If you enjoy Branson I truly recommend you get one of the BTG Memberships . You can't go wrong!!"  ~ Georgia Haase Beck



NOTE Our members are not paid for their testimonies. Your results and satisfaction may vary depending on frequency of use and other factors.