ILUXIAM™ Acceptance

ILUXIAM™ Acceptance

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No Credit Card Information Required

Download the ILUXIAM™ Card Acceptance Form by clicking here.  (It's a safe download via Google Docs)  More information below.

      By accepting the ILUXIAM Blak™ Card, you are saying "yes" to:

      New Customers When asked, ILUXIAM™ Club Members have said they actively seek out businesses who accept our membership card. They factor this into their decision making process.

      Our members want to go where they are accepted!

      Prestige We designed everything from the look & feel of our membership card, and website to the way we treat our members with quality in mind. You will be associating yourself with like-minded businesses who feel the same way.

      FREE Advertising By joining with us and offering our members quality goods and services at a discounted price, we will happily reward you with free periodic advertising in the following ways:

      • Listing in our Membership Directory (Complete with links to your company website, social media channels, and audio/video spots if available)

      Whether you have a single location or multiple places of business, the ILUXIAM™ Membership Directory will help our members know where they can find you.

        • Periodic placement of ads, advertorials, and mention of your business on the ILUXIAM Member's Only social media page(s).
          • Co-op Advertising is handled on a case by case basis.

          Improved SEO (search engine optimization) by having your website linked to other reputable sites, you are showing Google and other search engines that you are a quality web destination. 

          When backlinks are done in a truthful and authentic way, your web traffic will grow faster over time.  

          Do you want to accept the ILUXIAM™ Blak Card held by our members?

          If so, follow these easy steps: 

          1.  Download the ILUXIAM™ Card Acceptance Form by clicking here.  (It's a safe download via Google Docs)

          2.  Read the one page agreement carefully, fill in all spaces with the appropriate information, add authorized signature at the bottom of the form.

          3.  After completing the Acceptance Form it is ready to be submitted for approval.  You may do so in any of the following ways.

          • E-mail a scanned or photographed image of the completed form to
          • Mail the completed form to P.O. Box 1324 Hollister, MO 65673

            What happens next?

            After we review your submitted form, (if accepted) we will send you a confirmation e-mail, and/or call you via telephone to welcome you to ILUXIAM™.

            We look forward to a long lasting relationship that is beneficial to both your company, and ours.

            Download the ILUXIAM™ Card Acceptance Form by clicking here.  (It's a safe download via Google Docs)


            Note:  All submitted forms are based on a 1 year term that includes an automatic renewal clause unless cancelled as stipulated in the contract.  We reserve the right to deny any submitted application (membership card acceptance form) for any reason.  You agree to hold ILUXIAM™, Branson’s Tour Guide™, Daniel Eslinger, Eslinger Ultramedia, our owners, partners, cardholders or anyone associate with said entities blameless for any problems for any reason, legally or otherwise.  If there is ever a problem you will contact your representative immediately.   ILUXIAM™ and Branson’s Tour Guide are presented by Eslinger Ultramedia.  All rights reserved.