ILUXIAM™ Club (Ambassadorship)

ILUXIAM™ Club (Ambassadorship)

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Membership includes the following:

Welcome Packet Members receive an official Welcome packet including full color brochures, a letter of welcome and a FREE Discount Membership Card (Details Below)

Exclusive Online Content Go backstage & behind-the-scenes at some of the area's most popular theatres, restaurants, attractions, and more.

See exclusive video content available only to our viewers. Watch live and recorded entertainment segments and other programming made available to our members only!

Get an advance look at pictures and videos prior to publication elsewhere.

Online Community Do you need help deciding which restaurant, show or attraction to go to, but not sure where to turn? We can help!

Our community is made up of seasoned members who are eager to talk about their own experiences, and want to help you.

Post a question and decide which option best fits your lifestyle.

Meet & Greet Gatherings Our members enjoy getting together and talking about their travels and all of the latest news while dining.

Many friendships have been made as a result of our club. Read more

Prize Giveaways Win free show tickets, restaurant vouchers and more.

Member News (beta) Our quarterly publication will give you a unique perspective with celebrity interviews, member profiles, the latest ILUXIAM Club news and more.

Members Only Facebook Page This is where our members interact with each other in a more relaxed setting. Members are encouraged to ask & answer questions in a frank (non-vulgar) way.

Examples: "Was the food at that restaurant as good as advertised? or "Was that show worth your time and money?"

FREE Membership Card Use your ILUXIAM Membership card at many area restaurants, attractions and shows to receive discounts. 

Ambassadorship / Leadership Council
This level of membership comes with additional privileges, benefits and responsibilities outlined below. ____________________________________________________________________

Voting Ambassadors of ILUXIAM are considered members of the Leadership Council.  Each Ambassador is granted special voting rights concerning member business.

Requests ILUXIAM Ambassadors receive preferential treatment when making requests for Audio/Video/Pictures from our list of associated businesses. These requests help guide the direction of content for our club.

Product Testing Advance Notice and Testing of New Products before they are made available to the general public and the general membership.

Additional Memberships ILUXIAM Ambassadors receive one additional Membership Card (for a total of 2 membership cards) in their welcome packet to do with as they please. 

This additional membership card may be given away to anyone who is not already, or has ever been a member of this club.

Exception If you (the Ambassador) have already awarded a membership card to a friend or family member in the past, you may do so again. 

ILUXIAM Ambassadors in good standing may submit 3 names annually to join ILUXIAM's private Facebook page for Standard Members.  The submitted names may not be people who are among leadership in competing clubs groups, fan clubs, organizations etc. or in competition with our media interests.   

Special Pricing ILUXIAM Ambassadors may purchase additional cards, and memberships at reduced rates for personal use or resale beginning Spring/Summer 2020. (Some restrictions do apply.)


Membership expires 3/10/2021